Exploiting Metasploitable Linux with Metasploit Console

Logging into Metasploitable Linux:

Logging intoto metasploitable with the credentials msfadmin/msfadmin:

Setting up environment for Metaspoit on Kali Linux:

Starting and verifying status of PostgreSQL with command “service postgresql start”:

Creating and initializing MSF database with command “msfdb init”:

Identifying the Attack Target:

Ifconfig output to identify what IP the metasploitable VM has:

Launching attacks Using Metasploit Framework:

Launching msfconsole:

Setting module for UnreaIRCD IRC Daemon Backdoor:

Setting remote host with IP of metasploitable VM:

Launching exploit:

Executing whoami and uname –a commands to verify we have access to the metasploitable VM now:

Additional commands:

Running ls to view files on exploited machine:

Monitoring all HTTP traffic with tcpdump: