image of site ownerI am a 2018 graduate of Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts with a BA in Information Technology. I have a passion for Linux System Administration and security . I have experience in building custom computers to suit the needs of clients, computer repair and troubleshooting for both software and hardware issues, and setting up network devices such as firewalls, printers, and routers.

I started this website as both a way to promote my services and share my passion for all things technology. In no way did I start out just “getting” technology, I Googled everything, I read everything, I asked teachers and professors everything, and most importantly I tried and still try everything because it is my never ending passion. I want to help people understand technology instead of silently despising its frustrating quirks. In my articles you will find I try to use simple metaphors to understand concepts and only use a few technical terms that I define so I do not overwhelm anyone. Please feel free to contact me about any topic or question you may have and I would love to help answer you to the best of my abilities. Thanks- Connor Maher

All opinions expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer.